Magic Mix™, Better Infield Mix For Baseball & Softball Fields | Safer Play, Less Rain Delays, Cost Effective

Target Field, Home of the Minnesota Twins

Magic Mix™ surface playing material, used by Park & Rec Departments, High Schools, College and Professional baseball programs throughout the country, is one of the most cost saving, performance enhancing products available today.

Magic Mix™ primary make-up is pulverized granite proprietary manufactured to exact gradation standards.

Magic Mix™ surface playing material, with its deep red color gives the look of a professional field. Surface stays smooth and safe no bad hops, no missed plays, no unearned runs.

Magic Mix Benefits:

  • Improves drainage, minimizes rain outs and rescheduling headaches.
  • Minimize use of other drying agents.
  • Acts as “mulch” keeps moisture in sub baseball mix – better traction & quicker reactions.|
  • Won’t compact or get hard.
  • Dense material won’t wash away or blow away and it is not dusty.
  • Dark red playing surface reduces glare, enables quicker reaction time.
  • Nonabrasive “Magic Mix” is easy on legs and uniforms.
  • It’s Magic!!!


Magic Mix Topdressing Pricing By Athletic Field Type:magic-mix-pricing

A finely crushed aggregate that has been proven over the years to be a solid performer on ballfields, especially in northern climates. It’s rich red color gives any field a more professional finished look. Magic Mix is fine enough to slide or dive on without worry of player safety. Dense material that won’t wash away or create dust. Just one-quarter to one-half inch coating improves resiliency, slows the evaporation of moisture from your infield skin and speeds reentry onto the field after a rain event — minimizing the use of other drying agents.


Magic Mix Magic Track™ Warning Track Material:

Produced using the same raw material as the Magic Mix™ Infield Topdressing, Magic Mix Magic Track™  displays the same rich red color, and qualities.   Ensuring a uniform look to your field especially when they’re used in tandem.   Proper gradation of the warning track mix allows the material to compact just enough to give outfielders increased traction and optimum playability.